Matongo Lutheran Theological College (MLTC)

Located near Sondu, south of the city of Kisumu, in western Kenya.

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  1. Rev. Hamilton Timothy Shihemi says:

    Peharps it is necessary to give you a little more information about Matongo Lutheran Theological College, popularly refered to us MLTC.

    Although MLTC as a theological college was establish in 1978, she is now recognized as the theological section of the recently registered Neema Lutheran College. She is found in the western part of Kenya. MLTC is only thirty minutes private car drive away from Kisumu, the second largest city in Kenya and located at Matongo, off the Kisumu—Kisii road and on the Chabera—Ikonge road. Matongo is situated on the Kisii Highlands, a serene environment conducive for studies. The weather almost all year round is cool. It features favorable temperatures for study indoor and outdoor. The evergreen environment gives sense of comfort allowing students to gather easily for group discussions outdoor.

    MLTC serves the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK) and the people of Kenya and Africa by preparing church servants for work of service building upon Ephesians 4: 11—12. It seeks to be a Christian center of spiritual, moral and academic excellence in Africa.

    At present MLTC hosts students for Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Deaconess Studies, and Bachelor of Theology. In June 2011, the Diploma in Deaconess Studies 1st class and Diploma in Theology 7th class will graduate.

    She has advertised Bachelor of Theology, Diploma in Community Development, Diploma in Community Development with Bible, Certificate in Community Development, Certificate in Community Development with Bible all of which the intake is in August. The Bachelor of Theology Program is run in colaboration with Daystar University.

    MLTC needs spiritual, moral and physical support. She encourages her students to put in place plans of meeting the cost of their education. In addition MLTC is supported by friends and willing donors and students’ sponsors. MLTC appreciates the support it receives from all this friends. Without the constant sacrifices that are made by both the corporate and individual donors it will be difficult for MLTC to perform her work. We hope that God will use us all in whichever way to assist in equipping servant for the church in Africa and abroad. We especially need to pray for MLTC

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